Progressive State Income Tax for Washington State





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          This presentation is designed to advocate for the Washington State Legislature to support a   bi-partisan effort to write and pass a bill that would lead to the adoption of a progressive State of Washington corporate and personal income tax.  



         This source of revenue would place “the burden of tax payment” on those most able to pay, $billion corporations. Each of these corporations could become a philanthropist helping to provide funding for all State funded Divisions, by simply paying their state income tax.  For example the current effort to provide housing for all of the homeless in Washington State could be provided by a progressive state income tax. The same source of revenue could be used to eliminate many currently unpopular taxes.

               Washington State Ranks 39thin public school class size.



        Tuition at the University of Washington rose %300 from 2000 to 2012. 




         Tuition at Washington State University rose %275 from 2000 to 2012. 




          A progressive state income tax could be used to pay for the many costs associated with helping to provide a real home and social worker contact for each homeless person in Washington State. 




        Statewide funding for many Departments of the State of Washington has not kept up with the growth in the State’s population. (1)



      Again, statewide funding for many Departments of the State of Washington has not kept up with the growth in the State’s population.   

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           Komo Radio, March 8, 2018

         Each year the Washington State Treasurer publishes a report, “Debt Affordability Study, 2018." This report shows that the State of Washington is actually over $21 billion in debt. (3)




         “Debt Affordability Study, 2018,” Washington State Treasurer, Dec. 2017 


        To adopt a progressive state income tax would require a vote of the people to become law since it would require a change in the State’s Constitution. This was the recommendation of the Washington State Tax Structure Study Committee, Nov. 2002. The chair of this Committee was William Gates Sr.  This Committee had a very large and important Advisory Group that included Boeing and Microsoft. (4)








      The purpose of this presentation is to argue that adequate funding for all Washington State funded programs could be provided by adoption of a progressive (graduated) state income tax.  

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                                                                              Eric Paulsen




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